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Brenda Quintana


Brenda Quintana has more than 20 years of governmental, political and public relations expertise in California. Prior to establishing Quintana-Saragosa Public Affairs, Brenda was Senior Advisor to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger serving as his principal liaison to local government, labor, Central Valley and the Latino community.

She has worked extensively in the State Legislature serving two Assembly Members as Chief-of-Staff and as a Principal Consultant to the third. She has been recognized for her ability to keep Legislators elected to marginal seats where their party’s registration was in the minority. Brenda has represented organized labor having worked for SEIU, UDW and AFCSME.

As a labor representative she cultivated her grassroots organizing skills and created networks of community support she continues to partner with today. With over twenty years of experience, Brenda has worked as staff and as a general consultant for Presidential, Governor, statewide Initiatives, Legislative and municipal candidates. She has also managed voter registration drives, 527 committees and issue advocacy projects.

As an organizer, Brenda has a unique ability to build diverse coalitions for her clients and can activate key community leaders to promote or bracket an issue or candidate. Brenda has worked with senior officials throughout California at the local and state level and can connect her client with key contacts to build relationships and achieve results. Known as a grassroots organizing expert, with an emphasis on the Latino community, Brenda will use her experience and key contacts to create a plan tailored to her client’s specific needs.