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Michael Saragosa


Michael Saragosa has over 13 years of increased responsibility in the State Legislature and Executive Branch, government relations industry and political management of campaigns. Prior to Quintana-Saragosa Public Affairs, Michael was Coalitions Director for the Meg Whitman for Governor Campaign and oversaw the campaign’s ethnic, gender, youth, trade association, and Central Valley outreach programs, staff and consultants.

A veteran of state government, Michael served in a variety of high-level positions within the Schwarzenegger Administration. He was Undersecretary at State and Consumer Services ensuring that the programs and activities of Agency’s 17 departments and 17,000 thousand employees are properly planned, operated and coordinated. Prior to his appointment as Undersecretary, he was appointed as Executive Director of the Employment Training Panel (ETP). ETP is a joint business and labor program that allocates over $100 million annually in workforce training dollars.

Michael served as the main liaison between the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the Governor’s Office. Prior to his position in Cabinet, he served as Chief Deputy Appointments Secretary and was responsible for the daily operations of the Appointments Unit managing the recruitment, interviews and recommendation of candidates to the Appointments Secretary, Chief of Staff and Governor.

Michael has been a Chief of Staff and has served several State Legislators. Michael is widely recognized for his expertise navigating government entities and being able to deliver results in complex situations. Michael is the unique consultant who can traverse the halls of government and provide political management and coalition building expertise for his clients.

Michael is a Board Member for the Crime Victim’s Action Alliance and was appointed by the Placerville City Council to the Historical Advisory Committee. He is a graduate of Azusa Pacific University with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.